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Guestblog: Rebecka on re-creating herself


Twelve years ago, I changed a safe and predictable life in Sweden for the unknown and moved to the southern parts of Mexico.

One of the best things with moving across the Atlantic was the fact that I had to let go of 98% of everything I owned. I remember the feeling of lightness in my being: I was free to do whatever I wanted because nothing was weighing me down.

No furniture, no books, no extra clothes, no utensils, no paintings, no decorations. Nothing. Only me and what I could carry.

I know for a fact that I’ve consciously tried to maintain that light lifestyle. I never keep books that I know I’ll only read once. They have to circulate and fulfill their purpose – which is to be read. I avoid extra gadgets in the kitchen: one spatula is enough. I don’t need a special one for my…

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